Friday, 15 May 2020

Quarantine chronicles 1

Its mid May already

We are already 2 months since first case was announced in Kenya

Today its drizzling and its Friday

I really look forward to Fridays, because the weeks are normally intensive to balance work and duties in the house. Work seems intensive since deadlines are still the same and i find myself waking up early just to get in some work before the house wakes up!

Some lessons I have learnt so far

1) webinars are interesting...look out for them.....i have listened to several webinars and the bottom line is that there will be new normal...the way we did this

2) manage stress levels...acknowledge that this environment is different and stress can creep in on take time to rest well and me time when you can

3) exercise please...i used to think that i can never work out in the house...then a friend shared a youtube link to Walk at Home series and boom............suddenly i can do it! am proud of myself for that...but i try and do walks outside as well (for fresh air and all)

4) that surely we should not come of this corona fog the same way we came in...its a perfect time for reflection and renewal of the mind!

5) service to others...surely in this season we cant be inward looking...look around you and lend a helping hand to someone in need. If you can find any, respond to the frequent requests made by churches

6) online mass..imagine that...we attend mass at 9.30am...and I thank God that we have this opportunity to fellowship with others even if remotely

God help us all!!


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