Friday, 15 May 2020

Quarantine chronicles 1

Its mid May already

We are already 2 months since first case was announced in Kenya

Today its drizzling and its Friday

I really look forward to Fridays, because the weeks are normally intensive to balance work and duties in the house. Work seems intensive since deadlines are still the same and i find myself waking up early just to get in some work before the house wakes up!

Some lessons I have learnt so far

1) webinars are interesting...look out for them.....i have listened to several webinars and the bottom line is that there will be new normal...the way we did this

2) manage stress levels...acknowledge that this environment is different and stress can creep in on take time to rest well and me time when you can

3) exercise please...i used to think that i can never work out in the house...then a friend shared a youtube link to Walk at Home series and boom............suddenly i can do it! am proud of myself for that...but i try and do walks outside as well (for fresh air and all)

4) that surely we should not come of this corona fog the same way we came in...its a perfect time for reflection and renewal of the mind!

5) service to others...surely in this season we cant be inward looking...look around you and lend a helping hand to someone in need. If you can find any, respond to the frequent requests made by churches

6) online mass..imagine that...we attend mass at 9.30am...and I thank God that we have this opportunity to fellowship with others even if remotely

God help us all!!


Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Corona Corona

Dear Lord have mercy on us

March 13 one case confirmed in Kenya

Uncertain .....

March 18 7 cases confirmed in Kenya

Whats happening!!

Clear that all the cases are imports

So borders risk closure...Namanga already closed

March 23 no flights allowed into Kenya

People dying because of corona....

We need to get serious!

Social distancing not understood by all

April 6 we are on 158 cases

Nairobi and 3 other counties closed out

No movement allowed between counties

Its the Holy week (from Palm Sunday....)

and all Holy Masses are being aired live

Interesting times we are in

How to explain this to kids

All their prayers are about let schools open again Dear Lord!

May the RISEN LORD intervene!

Friday, 21 February 2020

My little thinker!!

So they say that the age 6 to 8 have imaginary friends and its very normal!..and in fact its a symptom of developing social intelligence in the child

So this is well and good and I have watched as my kids go through this phase.....then enter LO number 3!

He has taken it to a whole new level.....he has an imaginary country ...Larca...

at first it had only a map....and then over the time the concept developed further...and still going on..

It has its own language

Its own national anthem..sang both in Larcan and in English (well, so that the rest of you can understand it)

Has its own flag

Has its own dictionary

and guess who is the President!!

Yours Truly!! So please address me by my correct El Presidente of the Beautiful Country of Larca

I was inaugurated in Dec 2019 in a ceremony that was well attended by 3 people...and the owner of the country (LO) read me the Constitution of Larca and I agreed to defend it...hehehehe

I love this age!!

(oh, and being the eternal peacemaker, he quickly made his father Vice President and promised him the presidency when I clear my term....hehehehehe)

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Cheers to the new decade!!

its 2020!!

to God be the Glory!!

I can distinctly recall the turn from 1999 to 2000....the millennium and the craze that computers would crash etc etc....I had  a friend in IT who had to spend the night at work just incase the worst happens! ai ai ai

Anyhoo....I counted down to 2000 in Carnivore at the fabulous Chaka Demus & Pliers concert, my oh my...I have never ever gone for another concert that surpassed that one!! we had so much fun not to mention the majestic fireworks!! and two things crowned it off...the surprise appearance of none other than Rita Marley!! and of course the singing of Redemption Song ...a song that I HAD NEVER HEARD OF before.....and people around us are singing along and my sis and I are like ....what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The turn from 2009 to 2010 is unclear! maybe there was not enough hype around this turn of the decade.

I loved these reflection questions

1. How has your life changed or stayed the same in the last year?
Was it an eventful year? Why or why not? How did your choices lead to or allow any life changes, and will you make these same decisions in the future?

2. What are you most proud of?

Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for any job well done. You deserve it for all your hard work and perseverance. Acknowledging our successes reminds us what we are capable of at any moment.

3. What stressed you out the most?

And what ways can you relieve this stress in the new year?

4. What are five words that describe this year, and which five words do you want to describe 2020?

Take a moment to envision how this year went, and how you want the next year to go.

5. What negative habits do you want to break next year?

We all have negative habits, and we have the power to stop doing them. Are you too negative? Do you indulge in junk food too often? How can you improve? How can you change bad habits to good ones?

6. Were there any opportunities you missed out on?

If so, what moves can you make now to prevent another missed opportunity from happening in 2020? 

7. What did you start and not finish?

And will you revisit this in the new year? (Hint: If it helps lead to your future success and happiness, then you should.)

8. What brought joy into your life this year?

Make a commitment to do more of the things that bring you joy, and less of the things that take joy out of your life.

9. What are you most grateful for?

Despite the challenges we go through, we can always find something to be thankful for. What blessings did this year give you, and how will you stay grateful in the new year?

10. What's the one thing you'd like others to remember about you when you're no longer here?

We can get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to think about our legacy. With this question, think big picture, and think about how you can make steps next year to bring this vision to life.


Tuesday, 26 November 2019


10 year challenge

so social media has this challenge where one posts pictures that are 10 years apart

December 2009 I was a mother of one toddler and another one had just turned one - and I had my hands full with them. The first one was the playful kind and grew quickly so soon was even difficult to carry him around. I would not have guessed that just 10 years later I would have a third one in my brood! I was working with an NGO.... I was still struggling to clear MBA which I had started 3 years earlier in 2006

December 2019 Am seated here working at a social enterprise that is again not what I thought I would ever work in....dealing with technology. Interesting stuff.

Biggest lesson - one can never tell 100pc what their life would pan out to be

Believe in God

Guard your thought actions and emotions

And all will be well!!

year end

and then november rolled by

and we all wonder where the year went

christmas plans in high gear

no lies on the cash needed

but the memories have to be created

so lets do this!


Monday, 4 November 2019

Bucket list.......

Seems like all around me there is talk of bucket this inspired me to think of my own here goes (in no particular order)

1. attend a major music concert that goes on for like 3 days!!

2. visit Japan

3. visit Disney world with the kids

4. visit hollywood

5. israel

6. visit Victoria Falls (after seeing Niagra falls and hearing its the 3rd largest!!)

7. road drive from Nairobi to Johanesburg

8. climb Mount Kilimanjaro

9. visit Brazil

10. visit Australia

whats on your list???