Tuesday, 7 September 2021

oh what a cold!

 July 2 2021

So - I have not been well


i have had a cold in the past, but never this version

so on sunday i went to church, and once again was not warmly dressed

given that it was 8am mass

after mass, i layered up and stayed put in the house

monday rolled in and i had a meeting from 2pm

sun was out and so i didn't bother with a sweater

and we sat on the terrace

and took in all the cold

Tuesday and Wednesday I was basically curled up in bed

with heavy head

extreme fatigue

and no appetite

funny taste in mouth

thursday i was much better

took a short walk and came back and had to nap

now friday, woke up with a sharp chest pain

still have the funny taste in my mouth

and then my nose started bleeding

but mercifully just stopped

i googled about common cold

typically symptoms should subside after 3 days

could it be??

i dont know

i got better after 8 days

I am not my hair!

 I love this period where I work from home

Means I dont have to worry about my hair

And it also means I can have whichever hairstyle i want

So some months ago

I watched a vlog that said that this lady did normal small matutas

and let them grow out into braids

I decided


this is about a nice time to have my dreadlocks

CWA...mama wa kanisa

 This year has really flown past

Its already September!

So I registered to join Catholic Women Association

My why is that I have a strong urge to come closer to God 

and be a good example to my children

I have been toying with the idea for some time

challenge is CWA is associated with maShosho

and i dont feel like a granny

so i hesitated

but now that i have gone through formation classes since January 2021

i realise this is just unfortunate PR

any Catholic lady above 18 should consider joining

and make the association more effective

kueneza injili ya Bwana

St Monica, our patron saint, pray for us!!


Friday, 28 May 2021

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021

 So today is all about the menses!

My first time story

So I was in boarding school

deep in western kenya...

(ok thats how i felt..its actually not so far from town)

but i digress


we had been given this large pads by my mum

and when the menses came

thats what we used

however, the challenge of boarding school

is that the dorms are locked during the day

so if u didn't jipanga

then wololo

you may not have enough pads for the day

mercifully the periods were not painful when they started

i was in class 7 (i think)

when i started my menses

years later in high school

they became more painful

but i had painkillers for that

in campus the pain became UNBEARABLE

i remember rolling on the floor

and 3-4 hours later and am good!!

i think i ovedosed on painkillers


BUT they were like clockwork...

28 days!

the worst was when doing my MBA

my ps started just before the economics paper

i was not myself!

i was in such pain! because if i dont take painkiller before the pain

then no painkiller would work

I actually just wrote my name

answered one question

and left 

I had to resit that paper!

that was a first in my life! a RESIT!!


now the ps come when they want

and am ok with that...

eish...the things women go through!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Mothers Day!

 i love celebrations!

so mothers day is no exception

love the atmosphere around it

i am proudly Min Krasi

sometimes i look at my mum

and wonder how she kept sane

with my three kids...if i have nephews/nieces over

i have to hide in my room for some period

to keep my head above water

but its all good

this is a God given vocation

and i pray for his mercy and guidance over this vocation!


Saturday, 10 April 2021


 Today was a good day to take a walk in Karura

Its been raining in Nairobi

so I knew the walk would be cool

I enlisted my sis and daughter to join me

The walk was relaxing!

we did the 10km

we were alone for considerable stretches of time...

a lone runner passing us

a couple taking a walk

children cycling

the foreigners speaking animatedly in their language


we marvelled at the size of the forest

from the number of cars in the parking lot

there should be many more people here!


at some point we wondered exactly 

how far we are from the end

can we detour from the blue line???

a lone runner answered our perplexed faces

when we were at a junction


then my sis came up with a brilliant idea!

an app for the forest!!!!!

just like they have in Dubai Mall UAE

so you know where you are

and how far the loos are from where you are

how far the end is from where you are

how far you have walked/run

we even passed by some trees that had interesting bark...

and wondered what kind of tree this was

the app can answer that!

etc etc

am wondering who we can tell this to!


Monday, 29 March 2021

Series of firsts > First time in Uganda

 year is 1982

am in class 2

the family needs to head out to bukoba

my grandfather had passed away

the drive is from nairobi

through to kampala

and then to the border of

kenya and tanzania

all i remember are the number of 


manned by menacing men

hold huge guns

dressed in fatigues

i remember also going over a volkswagen!

years later

i learnt that 

my dad had just gotten his license!

and piled his family into the Audi car

and off we went to Bukoba!!